Medication Management: Home Care’s Assistance Reduces Hospital Readmissions

Hospital stays are disruptive enough, but one issue stands out when returning home from the hospital: medications change and confusion or access issues may cause trouble in which medications to take, how often, and which medications to continue and to discontinue. Additionally, in normal circumstances as well as when being discharged from the hospital, there are many reasons why seniors may mismanage their medications: not understanding the dosage or the reason for the medication; simple forgetfulness; inability to open a pill bottle; or perhaps even the transportation or resources to obtain a refill. CareNet, Inc in Alaska can assist seniors with helpful medication reminders, teach the importance of taking prescribed medications on time and as prescribed, monitor for possible medication side effects and report to others when an issue is potentially problematic.

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Downloadable Tools and Tips:
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Web Resources:
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Medication Management for the Elderly provides a very comprehensive list of helpful resources on helping elderly family members manage their medications.

Medication Error Prevention Tips
Medication errors are preventable. Your best defense is asking questions and being informed about the medications you take. These tips from can help prevent harmful mishaps.

Tips on Buying Medication Online
Buying medication online can be risky, and even dangerous if counterfeit or out of date drugs are purchased.. Follow these tips from the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy to find out how to purchase medicine safely from trusted sources.

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